AppSumo and the “How to Make a $1,000 a Month Business Course”

Investing in yourself is something we know is an intrinsically smart choice, but when it comes to opening your wallet to buy a new book or to take an online course, it’s easy to get cold feet.  Why is it easy to spend money on going out to eat or on new clothes, but it is unmistakably more difficult to spend the same amount of money to improve your knowledge or skill in a particular area?

One possible reason is that we are not accustomed to spending money on self-improvement, or that we simply find self-improvement to be more difficult to commit cash to when there is no immediate return. In a trade-off between instant gratification and deferred gratification, instant gratification dominates.

Noah Kagan, and the rest of the AppSumo team, seem to have overcome this trade-off with a unique offering that even the most lethargic “wantrepreneurs” can make a case for. Their “How to Make a $1,000 a Month Business Course” might be the most brilliant method for provoking business out of our preoccupied brains.

The setup it simple: it is a step-by-step course that is filled with insightful questions, funny interjections, and useful hints that shape your thought process as you form your business.  Rooted in Noah’s theory of “Ghetto Validation”, the idea behind the course is that you only pursue a business model that you can find customers for before you even start. As the product or service develops, you continue to pursue customers and take their feedback to improve the offering.

Though this might seem like a backward approach to starting a business, it has proven it self to be the absolute best way to start a business. Kudos, Noah!