Where is the New Orleans Salesforce Consultant?

If you are having trouble with Salesforce, don’t even bother looking in New Orleans. There is a severe lack of New Orleans Salesforce consultant which makes it even more evident that we have a struggling or just barely breathing SaaS community here in NOLA.

Over the last few months I have been doing a good bit of work in Salesforce to make it easier for our sales guys to access the information they need, and to remove many of the manual “box-checking” work that our sales team has to do each day. The challenge with Salesforce is that it’s so damned customizable that it takes a Salesforce expert to perform seemingly simple modifications to how Salesforce functions. Nevertheless, I am usually able to find a solution by looking in the online Salesforce forums that are available for free, but on occasion I’m in need of some real Salesforce talent: a New Orleans Salesforce consultant.

I’ve mentioned before about how difficult it is to find other SaaS sales professionals in the New Orleans area, but I was completely blown away that there is virtually no one in the New Orleans area who works with startups to help them set up their Salesforce. I’m familiar with a few individuals here and there who do consulting work, but if I needed a firm to partner with for outsourcing Salesforce development work, I would have to go outside of the city.
To put it in comparison, the Google search bar New Orleans Salesforce Consultant and the results were quite underwhelming, just two companies in the city with websites that even mention Salesforce and I wouldn’t hire either one of them. Thankfully there are paid ads that will at least show me companies elsewhere who are ready to help.

New Orleans Salesforce Consultant

Compare this with a quick search of San Franisco, Seattle, Austin, and even Salt Lake City Utah where you can find a host of companies waiting to earn your business. I’m not trying to make a mountain out of a mole-hill, but Salesforce is the de facto CRM in the SaaS space and the lack of supporting characters in the New Orleans market is ridiculous.
This is a metaphor for the larger problem in New Orleans in that there is no community surrounding the few SaaS players that are in town. I hope the sea change is coming soon, but in the meantime I’ll have to go elsewhere to find a New Orleans Salesforce consultant.
Or better yet, I will start a Salesforce consultancy. If you or anyone you know in the New Orleans area are looking for help with their Salesforce instance, email me and I will help you straighten out your instance of Salesforce. Seriously.